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An IP Primer for Start-ups in South Africa
How to obtain B-BBEE certification
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Legislation
Requirements for ongoing compliance as a Tax Exempt Institution
Anti-money laundering and financial crime: Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001
National Health Act (NHA)
South Africa’s policy and legislative framework for biodiversity
Starting a co-operative in South Africa
Anti-money laundering and financial crime: Prevention of Organised Crime Act 1998
Doing business in South Africa:
National Payment System Act 78 of 1998
How to register for UIF
Intelletual Property from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act 2008
Who should register on the Central Supplier Database?
Starting a business and tax
Register for VAT
Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)
The life sciences regulatory regime in South Africa
IPFPFRD Act Regulations 2018
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice
Business Visa: Different types of Visas for South Africa
Immigration Act 13 of 2002 | South African Government
How to register as a financial service provider with FAIS
Domesticate a foreign company in South Africa
IP and Business: Launching a New Product: freedom to operate
SARB Directive 2 of 2007 for System Operators
IP Protection Checklist for Tech Startups
Difference between registering an external company, and domesticating a foreign company in South Africa
Freedom to operate conundrum
Work Visa: Different types of Visas for South Africa
Registering your business for tax
Protecting your Intellectual Property
Critical Skills Visa: Different types of Visas for South Africa
Why register on the Central Supplier Database?
Data protection: Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (POPIA)
The pros and cons of registering for VAT in South Africa
Obtaining a licence as an insurance company in South Africa
Requirements for setting up a Tax Exempt institution with SARS
Intra-company Transfer Visa: Different types of Visas for South Africa
How to register a business with CIPC
SMME Toolkit: Intellectual Property
SARB Directive 1 of 2007 for Third Party Payments Providers
Non-bank players must have formal authorisation from the PASA to participate in the payment system: National Payment System Act (No. 78 of 1998)
How to register a new business with CIPC
Critical Skills List, Administrative Fines & other notices
Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012
SAHPRA: South African Health Products Regulatory Authority
South African Bioeconomy Strategy
How to register for Turnover Tax
SARB Directive 2 of 2006 Early Debit Orders
How to register for COIDA
IN-DEPTH: The tangled web of medical device regulation in SA
FinTech in South Africa: overview
How to start an insurance company in South Africa?
South African Reserve Bank Act Nr. 90 of 1989
CIPC: What is IP?
Consumer protection: The Consumer Protection Act 2008
NIPMO Guideliness
FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001)
Analysis: How to comply with B-BBEE
Position paper on Electronic Money
How to write the perfect business plan in 9 steps
Setting up a business: sole proprietorship, partnership, or private company? What to consider when selecting the most appropriate structure for your new business.
Insurance Act 18 of 2017
Five steps to choosing an excellent name for your new business
How to do business with the South African government
SMME Toolkit: What is a Patent?
Obtaining permission from the Reserve Bank for international money transfers
What is Turnover Tax?
Long-term insurance act, Act 52 of 1998
Constitution of the Payments Association of South Africa
Registering your Co-operative
Your business and the law
Supplier self-regulation process
General work Visa: Different types of Visas for South Africa
Employing staff
How to register for VAT on eFiling
Definition of the life sciences sector
Register an External (foreign) Company in South Africa
What SA fintech startups should know about dealing with regulations
How to decide between trading as a sole proprietor or formal registration?
Documents required: Financial Independent Application
Obtaining a licence to operate an equity exchange in South Africa
What is the difference between turnover tax and income tax?
Short-term insurance act, Act 53 of 1998
Tax exempt organisations
IFWG: Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group hosted by the Reserve Bank
Position Paper on Risk Reduction Measures for Payment Clearing Houses in the NPS
How to formally register a business in South Africa
Banks Act (previously known as Deposit-taking Institutions Act) 94 of 1990
Cybersecurity: Cybercrimes Act
SAHPRA: Licences and Permits
Sworn Affidavit - B-BBEE Qualifying Small Enterprise - General
SAHPRA: Regulatory guideliness
Why a .za domain will take your business to the next level
Sworn Affidavit - B-BBEE Exempted Micro Enterprise
What are the requirements for a micro business to qualify for turnover tax?
http://FAQ: What are the requirements for a micro business to qualify for turnover tax?
How to register as a payment provider with PASA
How to start a business in South Africa
Building a biotech start-up ecosystem in South Africa: Lessons learned at CPGR through 3 years of involvement
Position Paper on Bank Models in the National Payment System
A short introduction to B-BBEE scorecards
List of regulations to Immigration Act
When to register for VAT
SA Companies Act 71 of 2008
Statutory requirements to register a business
Understanding Turnover Tax
Position Paper on Virtual Position Paper on Virtual Currencies
Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)
Fintech Scoping in South Africa
Corporate Visa: Different types of Visas for South Africa
Position paper on Common Monetary Area (CMA) Cross-border Payments
National Credit Act Act No. 34 of 2005
Anti-money laundering and financial crime: Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2003
What is the Central Supplier Database?
How to register as a Credit Provider
Sign up on the eTenders portal of the South African government
CSIR Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIR) model
Position paper on Access to the National Payment System
Position Paper confirming the SARB’s support for the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures published by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems and the Technical Committee of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions
CIPC: Types of IP Protection
Regulation of GMOs in South Africa: Relevant Acts, regulations & guidelines
Registering for Employees’ Tax [Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE)]
Starting a Business as a foreigner in South Africa
Position paper on Interoperability
Registering a domain in South Africa
Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) 37 of 2002
B-BBEE Codes, B-BBEE Acts, Strategies and Policies
National Biotechnology Strategy for South Africa
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